Simon Huber


Háblame sobre tus inicios en la música, ¿Cuándo comenzó tu carrera en la industria musical ?

Inicié desde muy chico. Fue básicamente por mi padre, el es maestro en una escuela de música en donde imparte clases de piano y flauta. Los dos instrumentos que aprendí entre la edad de cuatro y seis años fueron la flauta y el violonchelo. En el 2009 termine una maestría en Austria, también soy maestro de música.


¿Cuándo decidiste tocar el bajo?

Cuando tenia 14 años me enganché con la música pop. Antes de eso era música clásica, pero cuando comencé a escuchar la radio y a comprar discos me metí en la música pop. Después encontré una guitarra y me aprendí algunos acordes y después el bajo eléctrico, fue ahí cuando me di cuenta de que ese era el instrumento para mi. A partir de la edad de 16 años en adelante empecé a tocar ambos instrumentos profesionalmente. Cuando me gradué de la preparatoria ya estaba trabajando y haciendo una vida profesionalmente como músico.



¿Cómo definirías la diferencia en la industria musical entre Austria y Estados Unidos?

La palabra clave en Estados Unidos es oportunidad. Las posibilidades aquí son más grandes y, especialmente, en Los Ángeles. Yo diría que si se presentan unas de esas oportunidades, la tomes. Así como me sucedió a mi y ahora me encuentro tocando con una de las bandas mexicanas de pop más importantes CAMILA. Quien iba a decir.


Comparte con nosotros, ¿Cómo fue que te integras con CAMILA?

Conocí a Ulf el baterista de CAMILA, en el instituto de música en donde estudiábamos. Nos hicimos buenos amigos y trabajamos en varios proyectos juntos. El audicionó primero para CAMILA, después de su segundo tour. Mario le dijo a Ulf que por favor regresara con un bajista con el que le gustaría trabajar. Cuando Ulf me invitó y me dijo el nombre de la banda, yo estaba impactado porque ya había escuchado de ellos. Una vez escuche en la radio la canción de “Abrázame” y después  me fui directo a la tienda a comprar todos sus discos.

So I prepared well for the audition and they loved the energy.  The first show was in front of 100,000 people in Mexico City.


Did you have to change anything about your playing style?

Not really. CAMILA’S music is pretty much the kind of music I like to listen to and also love to play. Lots of ballads with the occasional up beat song. When I came to the audition I had written out and learned all the bass parts like they were on the recordings. After playing it for a while I made it my own and brought my own style to it. Which is what usually happens after you play a set list over and over.


Tell us about some of the artists you have worked with

I used to play for Alex Band from The Calling for almost 2 years. We toured and worked on an album that unfortunately never was released. I recorded on Rachel Plattens new album WILDFIRE in 2016 and performed with her on several TV shows like The Ellen show and Today Show. I played bass on Mike Posner’s new album AT NIGHT, ALONE also in 2016. I played cello on LYNYRD SKYNYRD’s album LAST OF A DYIN’ BREED in 2012 and also Iggy Azalea’s upcoming album. I’m also recording for several movie and video game music productions in LA’s big studios.


Who are some of your musical influences?

I grew up listening to classical music, but also artists like Phil Collins, Sting and Toto for example. I love bass players like Nathan East, Lee Sklar, Jimmy Johnson, Marcus Miller, Jaco Pastorius. Guitar players like Michael Landau or drummers like Jeff Porcaro. I was pretty much in love with the LA music scene from the 90’s. Nowadays I would add to list:

Vince Gill, James Taylor, Keith Urban, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Faith Hill, Pat Matheny, Tower of Power, Chicago, Bryan Adams and many more.


Is there anything else you’d like to do with your career that you haven’t done yet?

Right now I live my life with the feeling of having arrived where I wanted to be, especially professionally. So I’m just looking forward to new musical experiences that continue to shape the way I play. Being able to make a living with playing music is already a blessing to me. But one of my dream gigs would be to play for James Taylor or Vince Gill.


Tell me more about the recognition your dad received in Austria?

My dad has lead the 2 orchestras in the music school in Austria. Mainly voluntarily, he spent lots of time and preparation on all the projects they had. So now, after 30 years of work with one of those orchestras, the city made him a citizen of honor and my family is very proud!


Any advice for aspiring bassists?

Play a lot, play all kinds of styles, learn songs. I think I was fortunate to play in lots of cover bands in my early years and I still do occasionally. It’s part of my work. It helps a lot, because you learn how to arrange, how to come up with bass lines by yourself, how to listen to each other and also how to react to and play for an audience. Get together with other bass players as well as with drummers and practice together. Always listen very carefully and detailed, when you transcribe songs. Your band mates will appreciate it.

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