Isaac Y Nora The 9 and 13 year-old French Siblings Who Gave A Fresh Update To Classic Latin American Songs Release Their Debut Album, “LOVE & LATIN STUDIES”

The album covers some of Latin American’s most beloved songs with a freshness and innocence including 
Natalia Lafourcade’s hit song, “Hasta La Raíz”
Much is often said about maturity and experience, but youth, freshness, and innocence are a degree on certain occasions. This is the case of Isaac y Nora, the 9 and 13 year-old French sibling duo who have become a viral phenomenon worldwide and today release their debut album, “Love & Latin Studies”.
Entrevista: Rebecca Niebla 
Fotografía: Cortesía Rocio Gutierrez


Can you share some of the most energetic moments about making this album?

 The first track we recorded was Veinte Años, and it was particularly exciting because there had been the success of the video 6 months before.

El Cuarto de Tula was the result of a lot of unforeseen events and improvisation, we are all happy with the result.

And the recording of Hasta La Raiz was our first visit and experience in Madrid, Spain and of course we will never forget this session.


Is there anything specific you learn while listening to songs in other languages?

 Not really. First of all, we listen to the song a lot. Then we listen to it by reading the lyrics, then we start to say the words, trying to imitate the singer. There isn’t much of a difference with music, you have to listen carefully, then try to rehearse.


 Which song from the new album is your favorite?

 Isaac: my favorite song is El Cuarto de Tula, because I really like the arrangement with rumba guitars.

Nora: my favorite is Hasta La Raiz. I love the song and I like to sing it and Natalia Lafourcade.

Catherine: My favorite is En Tu Pelo, I really like the rhythm of the song and the arrangement between the ukulele, the trumpet and the voice.

Nicolas : the two I prefer are 20 Años because it changed our lives, and like Nora, I like Hasta La Raiz a lot.  I can’t choose between the two.


How do you stay creative?

 We play several instruments, it’s more entertaining and it also changes the sound of the band.

We regularly learn new songs, in various repertoires. Also, as we progress technically, we can try more things in music.


What do you think are the similarities between you two?

 First of all, we have the same parents, so we live in the same musical atmosphere, and we have the same music teacher. We’ve been playing together for a long time now, and mostly by ear.

But we feel that we have a lot more differences between us than similarities. For example, we don’t listen to the same music when we are each in our own bedroom.


Do you have a favorite artist, if so who?

 Isaac:… Not exactly, but I love the Gypsy Kings.

Nora: at the moment I listen to the K Pop group BTS a lot.


What other activities get you excited other than music?

 Nora: I like drawing a lot and watching cartoons like Miyazaki’s and also love movies like Titanic.

Isaac: I love good food, I love to eat!

Latin & Love Studies is a powerful and universal album filled with a melting pot of sounds. The album updates classic songs that are more than fifty or sixty years old into a new youthful repertoire for younger audiences. 

The album features eleven songs including “Gracias a la vida”“Lágrimas Negras”“Veinte años”“El cuarto de Tula” among others, including their latest single, “Manha de Carnaval”, a classic bossa nova that became a hit more than five decades ago by Luiz BonfáIsaac y Nora transform the song in their unique version, accompanied by an evocative video they released a week ago and bring new meaning many decades after they were born.
Isaac y Nora have successfully created a unique and intrinsic style with Nora’s sweet French-Spanish accent on vocals, Isaac on trumpet and accompanied by their father Nicolás on guitar, The sibling duo of South Korean origin manage to transform these incombustible classics that take on a new life. At times you can hear echoing sounds of Eastern rhythms, sounds of tropical roots, and Balkan rhythms in their versions that end up sounding like Isaac & Nora in the end.
Isaac & Nora’s debut album, “Love & Latin Studies” is available worldwide today on all digital platforms and released by the Spanish label and agency Madame Vodevil and distributed by The Orchard


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