Alejandra Guzmán Releases Video of Her Latest Single “Primera y Última Vez”

Alejandra Guzmán in a surprise, and to the delight of her millions of fans released her new hit “Primera y Última Vez” [First and Last Time] last week during a TV appearance. Today follows the release of the video of the song once again as a surprise.
In a career like Alejandra Guzmán’s, full of strong and deeply personal anthems, this new single may be one of her strongest and most personal yet. In her own words:
“Sometimes you must slap with a white glove: it is setting limits; it’s saying enough is enough. I was convinced when I wrote it in December, paying attention to my personality and emotions, to who I am. I wrote it with Ale Seaguer and Benjamín Díaz and, since I trusted my sixth sense as a woman. The process of creating this song was a lot of fun. There are many women who can understand me, and it is something that happens to many women at some point in life. You decide to take a step forward, move on to a new situation, and mark an end. It’s the first step to moving forward from a situation that no longer works for you.”
Alejandra adds: “Everything you want to know about me, my highs and my lows, my relationships and my life can be found in my songs, which are getting more and more personal. And this one is perhaps the most personal yet!”
“Primera y Última Vez” has the making of an anthem for women around the world!

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