Globally-acclaimed dancer and choreographer Valeria Sandoval released her debut single “Pa’ Acá.” She performs mind-blowing dance moves in the video to her song featuring Jenn Morel and Itzza Primera. Sandoval is the newest artist to sign with Aftercluv.

As a native of Colombia, Sandoval’s “Pa’ Acá” mixes Latin music like reggaeton with influences of dancehall, trap, and electronic music. Her Aftercluv labelmate, Dominican-American rapper Jenn Morel, and Venezuela singer Itzza Primera add a street edge to Sandoval’s song. With her experience as a professional dancer and choreographer, Sandoval knows how to produce music that will make her and her fans’ bodies move. The innovative dance song blends multiple genres and tempos. In the music video, Sandoval performs multiple dance routines that match the club anthem’s diverse sounds.

“Pa’ Acá” is Sandoval’s first taste of new music following last December’s “Cola” with multi-Platinum producer Puri. He invited her to collaborate on the hypnotic dance song that also features Mikey Dinero and DJ Punish. The music video has over 251k views on YouTube and over 1 million streams on Spotify.

Sandoval is leading her many followers on social media to her music. From her dance and choreography videos, she has over 3.2 million followers on TikTok, 734k followers on Instagram, and over 90k subscribers on YouTube. Her videos on YouTube account for nearly 6 million views in total. Expect “Pa’ Acá” to cement Sandoval as the next star in Latin music.

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