The Colombian singer-songwriters, VALE, release “En El Pecho”, produced by Juanes.

With this new song, VALE is betting on a lively song co-produced by multi-GRAMMY and Latin Grammy winner singer-songwriter Juanes, by producer also winner of several GRAMMY and Latin Grammy awards Sebastian Krys and Daniel “Vago” Galindo. “En El Pecho” is a song that celebrates life and its contrasts, good and bad, celebrates love, talks about the “chest” as that place where we can enter and discover things about ourselves and discover hidden treasures that we all carry within.

This new single comes along a video directed by XXX, in which we can see the Perez sisters happy, carefree, enjoying life and nature, in the film predominates the color green, which represents life, freshness, and renewal.


Together, Valentina (piano, vocals) and Valeria (guitar, vocals), better known as VALE are on the rise as the next sensation in the Latin singer-songwriter genre. Signed to Rebeleon Entertainment and Virgin US Latin, the sisters have been writing their own compositions since the age of nine and combine warm pop and R&B-driven melodies and rhythms with honest lyrics to communicate their deepest emotions and most personal thoughts. VALE’s songs are more than just songs. They’re stories that transcend space and time to resonate with their listeners around the globe.



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