Photo: The Music Joint
Hailing from Tijuana, the indie rock-pop group Ramonapresents their new album Redes Sociales (Social Media). The band is shining a spotlight on one of their new songs titled “Regresaras” (You’ll Return); it’s a collaboration with Gianna Sotera, representative of new wave Argentine indie pop, experimenting with an eighties sound fused with pop-rock and electronica.
The new addition to Ramona’s discography consists of 8 songs and was produced adaptively while finding ways to work remotely with restricted movement amidst the pandemic. “The mayor challenge represented in the creation process for this album were getting out of our comfort zone that we had musically, working remote, and putting the record out amidst so many sanitary restrictions,” comments Jesús Antonio López Guerrero, singer and songwriter of the group.
Part of the idea behind Redes Sociales was integrating four collaborations with artists who serve as a source of inspiration for, and are admired by, the group: Goyo Degano from Argentine group Bándalos Chinos; Santiago, member of Little Jesús; Daniela Spalla; and Gianna Sotera. To accomplish this, the group began said connections with messages on social media platforms.
“The process of making this record was very thorough in every chord, every structure, and in the writing of the lyrics. It’s a fun record, mainly inspired in those relationships that, for some reason, could not grow deeper or focus themselves; many of us live that illusion of wanting to fall in love but in the end, we don’t end up with someone. On the album, one can identify a narrative of how social media influences communications in the real world.”
The first singles off Ramona’s fourth album demonstrate a more mature and revolutionized sound, allowing them to construct a solid fanbase beyond Mexico. Peru, Argentina, Chile, and the United States are just part of the growing list of countries where more and more people know of the group’s music.
This album was produced by brothers Demian and Alejandro Jiménez, recipients of Latin Grammy awards and Grammy nominations. They are known for their work with artists like Carla Morrison, Ricky Martin, and Marian Ruzzi, among others. Under their production, the members of Ramona (Jesús López Guerrero, vocals and guitar; Omar Córdoba, drums; Edgar Moreno, bass; and Luis Reyes, guitar) managed to realize a record with a rhythm specific to vintage sound yet characterized by more electronic elements, incorporating synthesizers, samplers, and strong lyrics that are conducive to danceable rhythms.

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